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“Long March” theme was held around Shanghai education system

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Shanghai education system around the “inheritance of red gene, carry forward the spirit of the Long March” theme, to strengthen the top design, systematic and in-depth work, organized a series of activities, including the theme of the 80th anniversary of the Long March victory exhibition , Organized “do not forget the beginning of the heart, the heart to the motherland” special concert, to carry out the Long March theme song education activities, organization “carry forward the spirit of the Long March” tour, re-take the long road, showing the red film, the spirit of the Long March, , Listen to the Long March story, micro-film, micro-video, micro-web and other new media network products. X is the primary and secondary schools with their actual, to carry out a variety of series of thematic educational activities. Commendable is that these colorful activities behind the implication of Lide tree people’s profound ideas and ideological and political education model innovation.
Shanghai education system to tap the historical resources of archives, strengthen the education of teachers and students ideal and faith. Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and the Zunyi Municipal Party Committee, held the “Long March and Zunyi Meeting – to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Red Army Long March victory” exhibition activities, through the exhibition a large number of precious historical images and revolutionary artifacts, guide visitors to review the Red Army Long March glorious history, and further promote the spirit of the Long March to inspire the patriotic enthusiasm of teachers and students. Since September 2, the first escort in shanghai exhibition in Tongji University, students and students visited a constant stream of high value on the historical data show, the universities, the primary and secondary schools have asked to tour the school. While visiting the old Red Army, listen to the Long March story is more innovative. Shanghai Municipal Education Commission jointly Shanghai New Fourth Army Historical Research Association, organized the majority of teachers and students to participate in visits to the old Red Army activities, to rescue the oral history of finishing, record the Red Army soldiers in the Long March journey some little-known story. At the same time, entrusted Shanghai University to organize the city’s film and television professional students, the entire process of recording the entire visit, the creation of 10 sets of revolutionary history documentary “Long March story”, and through television, new media screening. Many teachers and students to participate in activities have shed tears, the history of the Long March and the great spirit of the Long March with a new understanding.
In the commemorative activities in Shanghai focus on experiential education, teachers and students to guide the sublimation of the practice of perception for the conscious identity. Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and the Communist Youth League together to carry out the “re-take the Long March Road” activities, activities to guide the use of social practice, teachers and students to carry out re-take the Red Army Long March activities, through essays, seminars and other forms of sharing insights. Some schools, but also to local conditions, the quality of teachers and students to expand activities to simulate the Long March process, so that participants consciously accept the patriotic education and revolutionary tradition of education, carry forward the great spirit of the Long March and the national spirit. The City Council of Education, the City Committee jointly carry out the “carry forward the spirit of the Long March” calligraphy and painting exhibition, is to carry forward the spirit of the Long March and inheritance of Chinese traditional culture, through the organization of teachers and students copying the Long March poetry and painting activities, , Review the glorious history of the Red Army Long March. Activities collected to the city’s 32 schools submitted 268 works, not only published as a set, will also organize students to participate in painting and calligraphy tour essay essay contest, through the “exhibition + competition” approach to enhance the cultural quality of students, promote the Chinese tradition Culture, enhance patriotism feelings.

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Amazing Shanghai

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The Shanghai Financial Innovation Forum, co-organized by the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government Information Office, the Shanghai Financial Services Office, the United States Thomson Reuters Group, the First Financial, the Shanghai WTO Affairs Consultation Center and the American Chinese Television Co-organized by the local time on the morning of October 14, , Located in Times Square in New York’s Thomson Reuters building was held.

Wang Xinkui, President of Shanghai WTO Affairs Consultation Center, Wu Jun, Deputy Director of Shanghai Financial Services Office, Senior Professor of Cornell University, USA, Senior Researcher of Brookings Institution and Former Director of IMF, Esva Prasad Respectively, around the China (Shanghai) free trade zone construction and development, the Shanghai international financial center construction status and prospects, the international financial institutions in Shanghai and other shanghai escorts development opportunities made a profound purpose of the keynote speech.

“Shanghai Financial Innovation Forum,” the success of the “charm of Shanghai” city image promotion activities to a climax. In the meantime, the Shanghai Municipal Government Information Office in New York’s Times Square large screen for the Shanghai city image, Shanghai city style pictures and other outdoor publicity and promotion. Shanghai Municipal Government Information Office, Shanghai Municipal Tourism Bureau and New York City Tourism Bureau, in New York 164 bus station posted the Shanghai city image promotion advertising.

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Who is the “bravest” in Shanghai entrepreneurs?

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Who is the “bravest” in Shanghai entrepreneurs? Non-youth must go. Reporters yesterday from the “Youth” Shanghai Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, the city’s 16-year-old 35-year-old youth entrepreneurship rate of 11.8%, among the highest in entrepreneurs of all ages, the first half of the secured loan statistics, Young people under the age of 40 accounted for more than 70%.
Dare to dare to do not afraid to try
Dare to think, but also dare to do, this is the young entrepreneurs generally have the quality of Shanghai. For them, the most fear is not failure, but do not want to go for their own dreams and try.
In this business competition, many projects bright spots: “59store” entrepreneurs in Shanghai pilot “night cat shop” service, focus on doing 21:00 to 23:00 of the distribution service, the peak can even be done One million a night sales; the market continue to emerge a number of APP, who can provide services for these open? A 90 after the statistics of students to see the business opportunities to develop a data platform for massive APP search real-time data for efficient crawling analysis, so as to the application developer’s next product improvement has played a supportive role.
Data show that last year the overall entrepreneurial activity rate of Shanghai citizens has reached 11.5%, 4.9% in 2005 more than doubled. Among them, 16 – 35 – year – old youth entrepreneurship among the best, reaching 11.8%.
Another data can also prove the courage of young entrepreneurs. Among the people applying for Shanghai SPC loans, the proportion of entrepreneurs with 30-39-year-olds is the highest, reaching 41%; 31% for those under 30 years old; and 70% for those under 40 years old. From the academic perspective, more than two-thirds of the entrepreneurs for the college education, which has a Bachelor degree or above, more than 30%, more master’s and PhD to participate in entrepreneurial activities.
“Ecosphere” escort
Young people have become the main force of entrepreneurship, and Shanghai is also for this group of “the most brave people” to create business “ecosystem”, the use of mechanisms to protect the system.
Venture early and ultimately, with the mentor comments, will take a lot less detours. At present, the Shanghai Venture “dream mentor” can be described as a lot, for example, entrepreneurship guidance of the city volunteer group already has the size of 600 people. With the popularity of mobile terminals, young entrepreneurs need more and more “quick” guidance, expert volunteer group selected a group of experts on the Internet a higher degree of activity, landing “Heiner hundred invasive” micro letter public ” Mentor “section, entrepreneurs can ask for advice anytime, anywhere.

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INTRO 2016

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INTRO as China’s first large outdoor electronic music festival, from 2009 to 2016, has been successfully held seven.
From INTRO 2009 debut, INTRO 2011 to the two million people Qi Wu, 2013 Shifang Shougang, to INTRO2015, 2016 the best in the world; seven years, the annual INTRO electronic music festival to overcome difficulties, adhere to pure With more than 200 artists and more than 50,000 visitors, it is the pioneer, most modern and most internationalized cultural landscape in the ancient capital of Beijing, and has become the most iconic outdoor electronic music event in China.

If Beijing is the center of China’s electronic music culture, Shanghai is China’s electronic music culture, a bright star.
Shanghai as an international metropolis, a variety of cultural exchanges and the collision has never stopped, swept the world of electronic music culture is also popular here. In recent years, major music festivals have moved to Shanghai, leading the country’s venues and the human environment is more electronic music festival that comes with the trend of property projects to lay a good foundation. In Beijing seven years of INTRO electronic music festival in Shanghai will be knocked out what kind of spark? The majority of electronic music lovers wait and see.
October 29, 2016, INTRO electronic music festival for the first time stationed in Shanghai!

INTRO Electronic Music Festival was born in Beijing old industrial park 751 D-Park, the industrial age of large industrial sites and electronic music, the perfect combination of the rhythm of the rhythm, giving INTRO a unique temperament. The INTRO for the first time came to Shanghai, the World Expo Park Expo stage (the original Baosteel stage) steel jungle to INTRO once again find the “home” feeling!
“BACK TO THE ORIGINAL” is the INTRO Shanghai theme, so as to remind ourselves, adhere to INTRO electronic music festival pure music essence, adhere to the music festival as the core of the production concept of music, sober to see the development of electronic music in China In the many difficulties, keep the heart.
Shanghai World Expo Park in the city center, the south bank of the Huangpu River, with the old city, the Bund and Lujiazui together to achieve the Shanghai city across the river, shaping the image of Shanghai during the development of the image of the various functions. In particular, after the Expo, the Expo more “cosmopolitan” This integration with many overseas artists INTRO electronic music festival coincides with a high degree of comfort with the site structure and ecological system, it is here to become a large number of large-scale music festival The venue of the outdoor music festival is one of the important conditions for the success of the music. In 2016, the INTRO Shanghai Electronic Music Festival will be a fusion of China and the world culture.

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Cross – border RMB business

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With the Shanghai business of foreign-funded enterprises on the “Hong Kong Financial News Agency,” said the mainland cross-border settlement of RMB large-scale, initial or value of the Shanghai FTA start to bring new investment opportunities, and thus rush into the outside of RMB Investment in the Mainland; However, after the 811 exchange rate reform last year, the RMB exchange rate reversal, devaluation is expected to heat up, companies need to redeploy the distribution of assets, the yuan transferred to overseas investment, will lead to a large number of cross-border RMB settlement needs.

In addition, the normal trade in the past mainly in US dollars as a settlement, now using the RMB settlement is also increasing. There is also a trade effect of the number of funds, the same funds can be carried out within a year many short-term trade settlement, the actual use of funds and trade there will be gaps. And cross-border renminbi financing is also increasing, he explained as a foreign business in the Mainland, to deal with exchange rate risk, in the face of devaluation expectations, enterprises in the past by the Hong Kong dollar, the dollar business in the Mainland, and now also by the renminbi, Exchange risk, this is the normal practice of enterprise risk management.

Mizuho Securities chief economist in Asia, said Shen Jianguang, the yuan will just be included in the SDR, as the world’s five major reserve currency, the renminbi in the global status of a substantial increase in the Chinese enterprises are increasingly willing to trade as a currency, investment settlement currency. On the other hand, in recent years, because of the fear of capital outflows, the government has had an impact on the RMB exchange rate. Therefore, the control of offshore renminbi and the decline in the pool of RMB funds abroad are also underway.
For the Shanghai cross-border RMB business scale with Hong Kong has been similar. He believes that Hong Kong as the earliest offshore offshore RMB center, has its first-mover advantage; and Shanghai FTA is the territory of the offshore market. However, he believes that the free trade area in Shanghai account penetration, the pace of development is not as fast as expected, FTA accounts are still managed, Hong Kong’s influence is greater. In addition, due to Shanghai as China, especially in East China’s major export base, the national trade volume increased by the Shanghai trade settlement will also increase the amount of RMB; South China is more use of Hong Kong’s cross-border trade settlement services. He is more concerned about the inflow and outflow of capital financing, Hong Kong still has its advantages in this respect, Hong Kong’s financial markets outside the integration of a higher degree.

Shen Jianguang believes that with the further opening of China’s capital, Shanghai and Hong Kong will have more room for mutual cooperation. China’s financial shanghai escorts market opening up and international integration to enhance the benefits to both sides. China’s capital account opening rate, depending on the pace of US interest rates, the dollar trend, which will affect the stability of the RMB exchange rate, the Chinese government to ensure the stability of the exchange rate, short-term restrictions on capital mobility; Interest rates, the RMB exchange rate will be conducive to stability, the pace of opening is expected to accelerate.

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International Music Summit (IMS)

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As one of the most authoritative and professional international event in the field of electronic music, the International Music Summit (IMS) re-landed in Shanghai at the end of September. In promoting the further development of the Asian electronic music market at the same time, the summit organizers hope the electronic music industry can emerge more “Chinese faces.”
Founded in 2008, IMS is now one of the most important music industry gatherings in the world. IMS for the first time held in China in 2015 and to “wake up the dragon” as the theme, so that China is the rise of the audio market to get more attention.
In the global electronic music into the steady development of the same time, young Chinese enthusiasm for electronic music has just begun to erupt. Budweiser storm syllable and other activities held, for the Chinese electronics market quickly gathered a large number of fans. IMS data show that in 2015 the number of Chinese electronic music audience than in 2011 increased by 30%.
It is noteworthy that, despite trying to invite Wang Leehom, Jane Zhang and other Chinese musicians, the domestic most of the electronic escort shanghai activities are still well-known overseas DJ and music team “play a leading role.”
As the founder of Storm Electric Syllable, A2LiVE Entertainment Group CEO Zhou Platinum Hong also said that China should have more voice in the field of international voice, not just rely on “imports.” In the use of star fans to attract attention and listen to electronic music on the basis of the next step A2Live will try and NetEase, Baidu and other Internet giants of the music platform, including the introduction of electronic channels for the Chinese electronic music market to cultivate more Electronic talent and listeners.

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Give full play to Shanghai “experimental field” role

Since the founding of the Shanghai Free Trade Area in the past three years, in the financial reform of the core areas of exploration, the test has achieved breakthrough results for the national financial reform provides a sample operation. In particular, the role of Free Trade (FT) accounts has been highlighted as a “living eye” in the Shanghai Free Trade Area financial reform game, which substantially reduces the financing costs of enterprises.

To this end, the Shanghai FTA was ushered in the third anniversary of the listing, the Shanghai Securities News reporter an exclusive interview with the People’s Bank of Shanghai, deputy director of the Shanghai Branch of the Shanghai Branch of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange Zhang Xin.

Under the correct leadership of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, under the guidance of the support of the PBC, the Bank, the Securities and Futures Commission and the relevant ministries, the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee and the Municipal People’s Government of Shanghai Municipality co-ordinate the shanghai massage girls development of the FTA , Shanghai FTA actively as a good financial reform and innovation icebreaker, financial support for the construction of a free trade area has made breakthrough achievements.

Zhang summarized these achievements as “building a reform framework, establishing a management system, promoting the eight reform initiatives, forming a series of replicable and promoteable financial innovation results.” Shanghai Free Trade Area has effectively played the role of the “experimental field” of national financial reform.

Looking to the future, Zhang said that the current focus on the current financial services to focus on the overall situation, reflecting the image of Shanghai financial reform icebreaker reform measures. The central bank Shanghai headquarters will study to further promote the capital market two-way open, and actively promote the convertibility of RMB capital projects, relying on free trade accounts in Shanghai free trade area for international and domestic renminbi assets pool, the establishment of comprehensive financial monitoring and analysis center.

25 financial reform implementation details have landed

Shanghai Securities News: three years, the financial reform has been the reform of the Shanghai FTA’s “main event”, the largest free trade area to change what is the result? Since the beginning of this year, all parties have been focusing on the advancement of the “Golden Reform 40”. What is the current progress?

Zhang Xin: Under the correct leadership of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council and guided by the support of the PBC, the Bank, the Securities and Futures Commission and relevant ministries, the Shanghai municipal government has made a concerted effort to promote the financial reform of the FTA. Depth discussion on the financial innovation of the FTA and the linkage of the construction of the Shanghai international financial center, and promulgated the “51 Gold Reform” and the “40 Gold Reform” to formulate 25 implementation rules.

The results of financial reform in FTA can be summarized as follows: First, a framework for reform is set up, that is, a new framework of financial reform centered on decentralization and negative list management. Second, “the establishment of a management system”, that is adapted to the new financial system after the event management system – free trade account system. Third, the “eight reform initiatives”, namely the first macro-prudent capital cross-border mobile management system to promote the management of capital account convertibility; the creation of interest rate market order self-regulatory organization, the first in the country to achieve full market interest rate ; To speed up the opening of the RMB assets market, and vigorously promote the process of internationalization of the RMB; the construction of an international financial trading platform to strengthen the FTA and the Shanghai international financial center linkage; deepening foreign exchange management system reform to promote trade and investment facilitation; The establishment of “anti-money laundering, anti-terrorism financing, anti-tax evasion” of the monitoring analysis and management system; to strengthen the sharing of FTA information, research and construction of “trinity” of financial risk monitoring and management system; explore the implementation of integrated financial supervision, Enhance the ability to guard against financial risks. Fourthly, more than twenty financial systems can be replicated and promoted, effectively playing the role of “experimental fields” in Shanghai.

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New economic management has been on the road

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January to June this year, Shanghai FTA pilot new business 7268, of which 1330 foreign-invested enterprises, nearly half of the first half of Shanghai’s foreign-funded enterprises have settled down in the FTA, the new number of foreign-funded enterprises accounted for more than From 5% three years ago to nearly 20%.

From the careful pathfinder to enthusiastically join, three years, the Shanghai FTA pilot enterprises more and more attractive, the pilot area is also only one-fifth of Shanghai’s area, creating a quarter of Shanghai’s total production value.

The simple economic index is not enough to describe the real value of the reform of free trade. After the expansion of the Shanghai Free Trade Area, in a broader space, to seize the core functions of the government to change the content, and create a new situation in the reform.

Three “W” to change the functions of government

On August 11, the General Office of the Shanghai Municipal Government officially issued the General Plan for Further Deepening China’s (Shanghai) Free Trade Pilot Zone and Pudong New Area’s Post-event Supervision System Construction (hereinafter referred to as the “Program”). In this scheme, the deepening of the ex post regulatory system to promote the transformation of government functions, is included for the three “W”, that is what regulation (What), how to monitor (How) and who (Who).

Through the three “W” constraints and guidelines, in the Shanghai FTA, the government functions further from regulatory to service-oriented: regulatory enterprises, ask yourself what can be done for the enterprise, can help enterprises for the national economy What contribution.

The Third Plenary Session of the Eighth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China made it clear that correctly handling the relationship between the government and the market, and combining the “visible hand” of the government management with the “invisible hand” of the market mechanism is the core of the transformation of government functions, The key to deepening the economic system reform.

Over the past three years, the Shanghai FTA has implemented the requirements of the central government to deepen reform. It has explored the transformation of the relationship between the government and the market by using the attributes of the “experimental field” as the concept of “better living, better management and better service”. From the beginning of 2013, to 2015 to join the Jinqiao, Zhangjiang, Lujiazui, the Expo four new area, after the expansion of the free trade zone continue to explore, in a wider range with a higher level of testing for China’s economic restructuring road. Some shanghai escorts people ask, compared with other free trade area, Shanghai’s biggest feature is what? One of the answers is to explore free trade reform under the framework of a complete government. Shanghai is more qualified and more responsible for making a difference in the transformation of government functions.

Pudong, where the free trade zone is located, is duty-bound. April 28, 2015, Pudong New Area issued a “list of rights,” “List of Responsibilities” version 1.0, involving 6460 and 23,703 items related to reform. At present, two lists of 2.0 are also in intensive research and development.

“Subtraction of the power to do the addition to the responsibility”, free trade test for Shanghai and the country to create a culture of the first.

Reform of deep-water areas, must be a breakthrough

In January this year, Shanghai Pudong took the lead in carrying out the reform of the “License Separation” pilot program. At the same time, “Shanghai launched the” Separation of License “reform pilot program” proposed, in accordance with the requirements of easy operation and management, from the closely related business activities Administrative licensing matters, the choice of approval frequency is relatively high, the effect is obvious after the reform of 116 administrative licensing matters, the first to carry out reform experiments.

The introduction of the “separation of license” means that the administrative licensing, cancellation of the licensing issues are canceled, can not cancel the matter also increased transparency. April 1 this year, “license separation” the first day of the formal implementation of the reform, beauty shop owner Lao Li in the Pudong Civic Center on the spot to get a public health permit, rather than the previous need to wait two or three weeks time. Can be opened in advance of the Lao Li, and other business owners to find this, before the approval to inform the commitment to reform for enterprises to bring more convenience and business opportunities. At present, the Shanghai FTA pilot area of the “license separation” reform five ways, has been extended to the Pudong existing 441 items of administrative examination and approval.

From the regulatory government to service-oriented government change, three years, the Shanghai Free Trade Area a series of new economic management has been on the road.

August 25 this year, Shanghai Lujiazui Financial City Development Bureau officially put into operation, the Lujiazui Financial City Council was also listed on the same day set up, marking the Lujiazui Financial City’s first “industry governance + statutory bodies” governance structure on the stage of history. At the same time, a Bureau of Development to the world wide recruitment of Magi recruitment notice, so many people feel “eye drop eye.” Announcement, from the Deputy Secretary for Development to all kinds of key positions, all through the market recruitment.

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Shanghai introduced an upgraded version of the talent mechanism

According to the voice of the economy, “the world finance and economics,” reported that Shanghai upgraded version of talent policy 30 released yesterday, in the talent pool, talent management, talent incentives, keeping up with market demand, the core is the shanghai escorts word “to the main decentralization for talent relaxation “.

Shanghai introduced an upgraded version of the talent mechanism

Prior to this, a Shanghai official survey: this year, Shanghai enterprises up to 16.7% of the recruitment needs, there is no time to be effectively met, the root cause is the emergence of “talent shortage.” Therefore, Shanghai’s talent policy, repeated upgrades, from last year’s 20 release, and now 30 release, but only after a year. Upgrade in the end what close to the demand for the highlights, we comb it:

Lowering the threshold for permanent residence permits for foreigners

“The introduction of the top talent shortage, the lack of real master of international standards and high-level innovation team,” the root cause of this problem is “a high threshold for foreigners permanent residence permit system.” Therefore, Shanghai in the talent gathering system to do the addition: the foreign high-level talent work team members into the direct application for permanent residence permit range; in the Shanghai FTA, Zhangjiang national innovation demonstration area work and meet certain conditions of foreign high-level talent , Recommended to apply for permanent residence in China; to allow the employment of world-renowned college graduates to Shanghai employment; further improve the “Shanghai Green Card”, which is overseas talent residence permit holders of the treatment of citizens; speed up the promotion of foreign expert card and Foreign employment certificate “two card one” pilot. Shanghai Human Resources and Social Security Bureau deputy director Mao Daili said:

Mao Dali: May 1, Shanghai will formally implement the two-card policy. To foreigners to Shanghai, to China to provide more convenience.

Comments on the title no longer look at foreign languages and computer skills

In addition, the talent management mechanism is not enough to live, will also affect the talent pool and the role of play. Shanghai talent policy 30, put forward a series of decentralization and relaxation of the policy. Which “no longer look at the titles of foreign language and computer skills,” the most attention. Ma Xingfa, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, said:

Ma Xingfa: After all the technology projects there is no title requirements, and some engaged in entrepreneurial talent, they may be strong in the business, but by the evaluation index constraints, the title is not very high, but they have the ability. We should let these people emerge, together to compete.

Improve the transfer of scientific and technological achievements into incentive mechanism

After the deduction of direct costs, 70% or more of the net income can be used to reward individuals and individuals for the transfer of scientific and technological achievements into universities and scientific research institutes. team. Shen Wei, deputy secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Education and Health Work Party Committee, said:

Shen Wei: 30 talents, for scientific research results of the right to receive, disposal, ownership, with a very clear definition, more conducive to the expansion of university autonomy. This is very important to stimulate the vitality of colleges and universities.

To the subject of decentralization for the talent release

Through an article to improve, upgrade again and again, the global innovation map, the Shanghai talent “magnetic field” effect will become increasingly clear. Shanghai Municipal Party Committee Organization Department Vice Minister Chen Hao said:

Chen Hao: through the implementation of 30, we hope that in Shanghai to form a talent gathering, the best of their situation, to add vitality to the talent, increase motivation for the construction of Shanghai Science and Technology Center to play a real talent protection role .

First-tier cities have a unique style to attract high-end talent

In fact, Shanghai’s practice is not isolated cases. Industrial upgrading, so that Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and other first-tier cities, more than ever before for talent. Because if you can not solve the problem of talent, industrial upgrading is the dream of flowers, water in the month. In order to attract high-end talent flow, the current first-tier cities of the unique style.

Beijing is planning a lot of talented escort shanghai people in fields such as science and technology, culture, health care and education, and there is an evaluation system. The future high-skilled talents will also be included in the introduction of talents. Shenzhen further relaxes the threshold for purely educated talents. The number of households without the upper limit of indicators, while the new social security channel; Guangzhou to meet the conditions of students studying abroad, to give 10 million home settlement fees, overseas high-end talent settled, research and entrepreneurship to facilitate and support.

Central broad Comments: decentralization to relax, for the talent increase power, add vitality.

Such as Shanghai, the tireless desire for talent, in the country has become a phenomenon. Shanghai talent policy 30, Zhejiang talent policy 25, Suzhou talent policy 40 … … from the original rely heavily on investment, and now more emphasis on attracting talent, the strategic choice of these cities, a clear description of China’s economic development and transformation of the track. In the era of innovation-driven, talent is the first resource. The introduction of a group of talent, and sometimes to revitalize a business, or even leveraging an industry. To attract, keep, use well, on a way – “to the main decentralization of employment, talent loosening.” Breaking the talent development system, the bottleneck mechanism in order to increase the momentum for the talent, Tim vitality, depicting the “million frost days competing free” vivid picture.

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Shanghai will actively participate in global innovation network construction

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Mayor of Shanghai Yang Xiong yesterday met with the British Minister of State for Universities and Science Joe Johnson and the British government’s chief scientific advisor Mark Volbert, Mongolian Minister of Culture Ministry of Education and Sports Science and Technology Zhami · Batu Su Yan Su Rong, the guests come attended the 2016 Shanghai Pujiang innovation Forum welcomed.

Yang Xiong said that innovation is an important driving force for economic development, but also the strategic choice of many of the world famous urban development. In recent years, Shanghai vigorously implement the innovation-driven development strategy to accelerate the innovation and technology center construction with a global influence, we are very willing to work with the world, including Britain, Mongolia, including the countries to strengthen scientific and technological innovation and international exchanges and cooperation. Currently, the world increasingly close economic ties, strengthen inter-country and shanghai massage service city exchanges and cooperation and promote joint innovation become a trend. Shanghai will actively implement the consensus reached by the G20 countries summit Hangzhou innovative growth, active participation in the global innovation network construction, efficient flow of resources to promote innovation, encourage more international research cooperation. Shanghai has all-round cooperation with the British, hoping Pujiang Innovation Forum and other platforms to further enhance exchanges and deepen cooperation in science and technology and financial fields. China and Mongolia are good neighbors, good partners, Shanghai is willing to share its development experience with Mongolia to strengthen mutual learning, promote pragmatic cooperation and play its due role in the Sino-Mongolian friendly exchanges.

Joe Johnson and Mark Walter Burt said the current UK bilateral cooperation reached unprecedented breadth and depth, and made a series of substantial results in the future will be more cooperation. Britain is willing to strengthen research and Shanghai international exchanges and cooperation, to play a role in promoting financial services for scientific and technological innovation, boost Shanghai Branch Center.

Zhami · Batu Su Yan Su Rong was said in recent years, Sino-Mongolian relations have developed smoothly and friendly cooperation in various fields continues to advance. Mongolia and China is willing to deepen cooperation and exchange of educational, scientific, cultural and other fields, and Shanghai research institutions, universities develop more cooperation.