Regional health development of Shanghai

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Regional health development of Shanghai

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Shanghai three major health indicators for many years in the world developed countries and regions. Statistics show that in 2015 the average life expectancy of the public reached 82.75 years old, maternal mortality rate of 6.66 / 10 million, infant mortality rate of 4.58 ‰, reaching the level of developed countries and regions.
Large cities, development and health how to keep pace? This has also been a major problem plaguing the management sector. The beginning of the new century, Shanghai has 11 consecutive years of annual GDP growth rate remained at double digits. The rapid development of the economy, the worries still exist: the aging of the urban population increased, the disease spectrum to chronic non-communicable diseases, many diseases, mortality, rising medical resources, limited social needs, unlimited social needs Contradictions thus highlighted. How to break the question?
Construct a Maternal and Infant Safety Guarantee Network
Maternal and child safety is a key measure of the level of regional health development. Two years ago, Ban Ki-moon came to Shanghai to visit the city maternal and child health center, when he learned that the number of urban childbirth continued to increase under the premise of the United States Secretary of State, Maternal mortality rate has always been controlled at very low levels, heartfelt thumbs, “very great!”
Shanghai Maternal and Child Safety “Great Wall” is how to build up? “5 +6” treatment network (5 critical maternal consultation rescue center, 6 critically ill neonatal consultation rescue center) contributed. “5 +6” docking with the 17 districts, covering the city, and efficient response to the careful maternal and child safety and security network. Data show that “5 +6” maternal and child safety “Great Wall” since 2007 built so far, a total of more than 3,400 critically ill mothers, more than 2.2 million people in critical neonatal, the success rate of 97% and 91%.
Obstetric safety, mothers from the beginning of pregnancy has been arrested. City Weiwei Women and Children Department, the relevant escort shanghai person in charge, the city since 2008, maternal health care system management, according to the different levels of pregnancy risk, pregnant women divided into five types of color management, by community doctors, midwives Fill in. Medical institutions at all levels, health care institutions at the same time to establish a green channel, once found critical maternal, the first time reported, and gathered to “5 +6” quality resources for treatment.
34-year-old Ms. Zhou, because of comprehensive and careful treatment of critical maternal network and retrieve a life. This spring, Miss Zhou just gave birth to baby 5 days, sudden convulsions fell to the ground, into a coma, was sent to the door of the secondary hospital, head CT examination showed: patients with bilateral basal ganglia hemorrhage, rare and critical illness . The hospital immediately reported to the District Planning Commission, the patient quickly transferred to the city of one of the critically ill pregnant and first-aid center – First People’s Hospital. City Hospital, obstetrics, neurosurgery, neurology, multidisciplinary team to actively rescue maternal, the patient eventually out of danger.
Today, the face of sustained reproductive peak, the city set up a rainy day “maternal and child health service personnel training” mechanism. For the obstetric, pediatric shortage of talent, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine has taken the lead in the restoration of pediatric medical professional, Shanghai Health Medical School to set up midwifery professional, while starting in-service obstetrical personnel training program for the mother and child safety, “Great Wall” Reinforcement of a lock.

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