“science and technology soldiers.”

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“science and technology soldiers.”

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When a fire occurs, the first unmanned aerial vehicles to be circled, the exploration of fire; wear special AR vision instrument, so that the commander can understand the real situation inside the fire for the development of fighting programs to provide the most intuitive material. 119 fire this year, the eve of the approaching, the reporter approached the new fire rescue team to join the “science and technology soldiers.”
Yesterday morning, located in Shanghai Songjiang Xin brick road on an industrial park in the “fire”, the fire is located in the 11-storey high-rise building. Unit fire control room linkage alarm, the duty officer immediately start the emergency plan, immediately organized micro-fire station staff, rushed to the alarm location to view the fire. After confirming the fire, the duty officer immediately starts the fire control room linkage equipment, and through the emergency broadcast announces each floor personnel rapid withdrawal. At the same time, dial “119” alarm call alarm.
Soon, micro-fire station staff began to group action. A group in the fire layer using fixed fire extinguishing facilities, the other group of organizations evacuated. It is reported that, since the beginning of this year, according to “Shanghai micro-fire station construction guidance”, Songjiang 150 units built the basic micro-fire station, with the unit’s initial capacity for fire disposal.
As the fire layer of the fire broke out the trend of upward spread of the external walls, and the more fire the greater the fire, fire fighting in the mini-fire at the same time, public security and fire quickly rushed to the scene. After the arrival of public security fire fighting force, asked about the situation, while the use of unmanned aerial vehicles to implement external reconnaissance. I saw three unmanned aerial vehicles slowly rising, in the smoke and “flame” hovering above the exploration of the fire around the periphery of the situation.
At the same time, professional shanghai escorts firefighters are also set up outside the high car, mobile robot gun to external fire blocking. Trapped on the platform of personnel, the use of high-fire vehicles to build a platform, the establishment of external escape routes, orderly and safe rescue personnel. In the end, through multiple joint force, the fire can be controlled, the fire was extinguished.
In fact, this is the Songjiang fire this year 119 fire a few days ago to carry out a practical exercise. At the scene, the reporter not only saw the rescue of the recruits, but also to experience the high-tech AR visual technology to bring three-dimensional rescue measures.
And the existing VR technology all the same use of fictional elements is different, AR technology is the combination of visual and virtual reality. In the event of fire, the command center can use the relevant probe installed around the firing point to transfer the image directly to the AV vision system, and then through the three-dimensional picture, including the building structure, high-altitude look around, around the fire, etc. Intuitive to show in people’s eyes, for the rescue command to develop a rescue program provides the most vivid and intuitive first-hand materials.

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