Roche will build a third global strategic center at Shanghai

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Roche will build a third global strategic center at Shanghai

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At the beginning of November, the 28th Shanghai Mayor International shanghai massage Business Consultative Conference (IBLAC) was held, Dr.SeverinSchwan, Chief Executive Officer of Roche Group, the world’s largest biotechnology company, came to Shanghai. At the same time, Dr. Schwartz brings an exciting message: Roche will build Shanghai into a third global strategic center following Basel and San Francisco.

Roche Group’s new position on Shanghai’s strategic position, along with practical action. On Nov. 4, Roche held a groundbreaking ceremony for Roche Innovation Center in Shanghai to commemorate the long-term commitment of Roche in China to promote the innovation and development of the pharmaceutical industry in China.

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Basel, Switzerland is the headquarters of Roche, is the European chemical and pharmaceutical R & D capital; San Francisco also gathered the strength of the most powerful biomedical research in the field of business and research institutions. In contrast, Shanghai’s bio-pharmaceutical industry is still small. But in recent years, the world’s leading biomedical companies gathered in Shanghai, based on the Chinese market to promote research and innovation, Shanghai biomedical industry innovation influence and contribution to the real economy growing, Shanghai has gradually become China’s biomedical industry development speed, growth Excellent industry center.

Shanghai biomedical industry in the process of development and growth, in 1994, settled in Zhangjiang Roche Shanghai Pharmaceutical Company is the most important promoter of innovation. Today, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park is a “global business card” of Shanghai Kechuang Center, and in that year, Roche is the first foreign-funded enterprise in Zhangjiang. 22 years, Roche’s investment in Shanghai is enormous: from the beginning of the barren land, to now become Zhangjiang drug Valley “giant”, with pharmaceutical research, development, production and marketing, including the integrity of the pharmaceutical value chain.

As early as 2004, Roche funded the establishment of Shanghai’s first R & D center in China, training a number of outstanding cross-cutting R & D personnel, the early development of highly potential new drug product line. The Roche Innovation Center Shanghai project, which was announced yesterday, was officially launched in 2015 with an investment of 863 million yuan and is expected to be completed by 2018. With an area of ​​14,000 square meters and 220 modular workplaces, the Innovation Center will focus on the research and early development of innovative drugs in the areas of immunization, inflammation and anti-infective diseases with a view to continually meeting the needs of patients in China and around the world. Not enough.

In recent years, Roche Shanghai R & D center in the development of curable hepatitis B new drug project has made a breakthrough. The new drug will combine two mechanisms to fight against hepatitis B virus, both directly targeting the virus for treatment, but also activate the body’s immune system on the hepatitis B virus lethality. Dr. Xu Xiaoxing, head of the Roche Innovation Center in Shanghai, said, “Our scientists have achieved encouraging results in the early development of new hepatitis B drugs. This is the best validation of Roche’s innovation center in Shanghai and China. Investment and construction of new innovation center will further promote Shanghai and China ‘s science and technology strength into the ranks of the world’ s most advanced.

President of Shanghai Roche Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Ms. Zhou Hong pointed out: “With the concept of ‘first patient needs to be done’, Roche will continue to introduce the advanced technology of the world pharmaceutical industry and continue to enhance the international competitiveness of independent innovation.” Roche Innovation Center “We are confident that the new Innovation Center will accelerate the development of locally-based innovative drugs into the world and benefit more patients,” he said, adding that Roche will continue to work with local research institutions and attract international high-end talent.

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