Art Fair will be relocated to the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall

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Art Fair will be relocated to the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall

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“2016 (20th) Shanghai Art Fair” November 3 officially opened. This year, Art Fair will be relocated to the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall. The area and facilities of the Expo will be upgraded.

This year, the theme of Shanghai Art Fair is “Art makes life better”. The total exhibition area is 25,000 square meters. There are 193 booths with different specifications. About 150 galleries from 17 countries, such as the United States and Germany, Chinese painting, oil painting, sculpture and other works of art to participate in the transaction. Compared to previous years, this year’s booth arrangement more sparse and orderly venue, a substantial increase in venues and hardware facilities, pavilion and surrounding traffic is also more convenient.

Has been the old regulars of the Shanghai Artist Li Shoubai booth, very popular, the booth charging Po, notebooks and other art derivatives by many of the audience. He said that these derivatives is the creation of the artistic reproduction of its natural, but also to narrow the distance between art and the public.

Shanghai Free Trade Area International Art Exchange Center for the first time this year, exhibitors, the introduction of free trade area exhibition “Art Road.” On-site staff, “Art Road” selected the Shanghai painting, oil painting and contemporary art representative works of artists to display. At the same time, through the “bonded policy” to foreign works into shanghai escort Fair trading platform, “the use of bonded policy, the foreign works can be displayed here in the tax-free state, if the transaction is still placed in the bonded warehouse, or foreign collectors Buy and get abroad, it is also tax – free.

For the relocation, the organizers introduced the day before yesterday, Art Fair preview and the first exhibition has achieved good results, “passenger flow far more than we imagined.

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