5G time is coming

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5G time is coming

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According to “Labor Daily” reported that I did not expect one day, you only need to spend less than a second time, you can download a movie? Reporters yesterday from the shanghai escort city CPPCC at the end of the inspection to understand that Shanghai is ahead of the layout of the network “5G era” to carry out research and development and application of key technology experiments, the fastest to 2018, the public may be able to enjoy the pleasure brought to 5G.
5G How can “fast”? AT & T Labs and Nokia co-test results show that 5G of the wireless network test speed of 10Gbps. This means that you can download a 1GB movie in less than a second (about 0.8 seconds) before going out. It is understood that not long ago, the Shanghai municipal government and China Mobile, China Telecom and other signed the “Internet +” strategic cooperation agreement. According to the agreement, by the end of 2018, the city of Shanghai will take the lead in achieving full coverage of Gigabit optical network, Gigabit access users break through one million, download the actual rate of breakthrough Fast, become the world’s first Gigabit Gigabit Broadband, and the first to achieve commercial 5G Internet service.
The Commission said that Shanghai is developing 5G key technologies to promote the cooperation between Huawei and ZTE and Shanghai Mobile to build a 5G network demonstration test system and platform to promote the research and development of key technologies and applications in the automotive networking industry test At the same time carry out integration with the various sectors of communication technology research and development, around transportation, shipping, logistics, smart grid, high-definition video and other key areas, research and development to meet the industry application of terminal equipment and solutions.

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