Shanghai will close indoor smoking room

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Shanghai will close indoor smoking room

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Following the train station waiting room, the Shanghai Pudong and Hongqiao two major airport terminal today is also a comprehensive ban on smoking, closed indoor smoking room. Have entered the control area of the visitors, if you want to smoke, only to the designated outdoor smoking point.

At 10:00 on October 30, Pudong International Airport Terminal 2 departure 71 gate next to the smoking room door locked, glass doors inside, smoking appliances, etc. have also been removed. Today at 0:00, Pudong International Airport, two of the 33 indoor smoking rooms all closed. Many visitors come here to find the smoking room has been disabled.

68,69 first-class lounge next to the corridor lounge area, is the International Terminal 2 starting out of the newly opened outdoor smoking area, an area of nearly 60 square feet. Enabled the first day, there are many smokers have found here.

The open-air smoking room ranging from smoking appliances, looked up to the sky, as well as umbrellas, can be said to rain or shine, many tourists have points praise. “You can increase the cost of smoking, the body is good. Because there may be given up, if I do not have more than 20 minutes, I may not come.” Like before, smoking room a lot, I may One way to draw.

Smoking room closed, the Pudong Airport in the control area set up five such outdoor smoking points, Hongqiao Airport Terminal 2 also opened up two outdoor smoking points.

Not only in the control area, in the terminal, the future passenger smoking will be subject to certain restrictions. Pudong Airport Terminal 2, starting today, the new four smoking points, that is, escort shanghai visitors can no longer as in the past, anytime, anywhere to chic to the last one. Only Pudong Airport, 450 people a day will arrange for tobacco control supervisor posts, passengers inside and outside the passenger smoking behavior to discourage and guide.

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