The first Shanghai Toy Fair

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The first Shanghai Toy Fair

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The first Shanghai Fair to be held on the 22nd in Shanghai New International Expo Center, the Fair by the China Toy and Baby Products Association, is the only face of the consumer experience of interactive carnival, was founded in 2010, has been in Beijing Successfully held 7 sessions, the cumulative attract 700,000 pregnant mother-child families and families involved.
This year the Shanghai Fair “baby products experience area” will be the audience to the pregnant women and low-income families extension, locking child safety seats, trolleys, bottles and other categories, according to consumer demand and supplies custom exclusive fun games, interactive Experience to promote the concept of safe consumption, the popularity of rational selection and the proper use of common sense, so that the father or mother of the family to eliminate child care anxiety, easy to do “smart parents.”
The “toy experience area” into the “sports, animation,shanghai escorts entertainment, puzzle, parent-child” and other elements, gathered in more than 20 countries and regions 200 brands, on the same show thousands of novelty toys, the joint launch of hundreds of exciting themes Activities, so that 0-14-year-old parent-child experience the toy “entertaining” function, enhance the child “cognitive, communication, creativity, emotional expression, sports, social” and other six capabilities.
China Toy and Baby Products Association in July this year in Beijing to play Fair successfully launched the “Accompaniment Program”, in October to Shanghai to play Fair as a platform to spare no effort to advocate scientific companions, continue to call for parents to the right way to accompany high quality and efficient Children play with toys, in the process of interactive experience to better stimulate and exercise the child’s ability to toy “entertaining” function to the limit, enjoy the parent-child together, happy to grow.
2016 October 22-23, the first Shanghai Fair in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Shanghai Fair is also on the scene to start the “accompanying plan”, called on parents to the right way to accompany high-quality children effectively. Exhibition set up a “time capsule photo”, the group photo permanently retained, the annual photo contrast, witnessed the growth process to accompany their children. At the same time also organized “to accompany the incentive” activities, so that parents on the scene promised to “lay down their mobile phone”, “weekend”, “30 minutes a day.”

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