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Amazing Shanghai

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The Shanghai Financial Innovation Forum, co-organized by the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government Information Office, the Shanghai Financial Services Office, the United States Thomson Reuters Group, the First Financial, the Shanghai WTO Affairs Consultation Center and the American Chinese Television Co-organized by the local time on the morning of October 14, , Located in Times Square in New York’s Thomson Reuters building was held.

Wang Xinkui, President of Shanghai WTO Affairs Consultation Center, Wu Jun, Deputy Director of Shanghai Financial Services Office, Senior Professor of Cornell University, USA, Senior Researcher of Brookings Institution and Former Director of IMF, Esva Prasad Respectively, around the China (Shanghai) free trade zone construction and development, the Shanghai international financial center construction status and prospects, the international financial institutions in Shanghai and other shanghai escorts development opportunities made a profound purpose of the keynote speech.

“Shanghai Financial Innovation Forum,” the success of the “charm of Shanghai” city image promotion activities to a climax. In the meantime, the Shanghai Municipal Government Information Office in New York’s Times Square large screen for the Shanghai city image, Shanghai city style pictures and other outdoor publicity and promotion. Shanghai Municipal Government Information Office, Shanghai Municipal Tourism Bureau and New York City Tourism Bureau, in New York 164 bus station posted the Shanghai city image promotion advertising.



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