Who is the “bravest” in Shanghai entrepreneurs?

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Who is the “bravest” in Shanghai entrepreneurs?

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Who is the “bravest” in Shanghai entrepreneurs? Non-youth must go. Reporters yesterday from the “Youth” Shanghai Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, the city’s 16-year-old 35-year-old youth entrepreneurship rate of 11.8%, among the highest in entrepreneurs of all ages, the first half of the secured loan statistics, Young people under the age of 40 accounted for more than 70%.
Dare to dare to do not afraid to try
Dare to think, but also dare to do, this is the young entrepreneurs generally have the quality of Shanghai. For them, the most fear is not failure, but do not want to go for their own dreams and try.
In this business competition, many projects bright spots: “59store” entrepreneurs in Shanghai pilot “night cat shop” service, focus on doing 21:00 to 23:00 of the distribution service, the peak can even be done One million a night sales; the market continue to emerge a number of APP, who can provide services for these open? A 90 after the statistics of students to see the business opportunities to develop a data platform for massive APP search real-time data for efficient crawling analysis, so as to the application developer’s next product improvement has played a supportive role.
Data show that last year the overall entrepreneurial activity rate of Shanghai citizens has reached 11.5%, 4.9% in 2005 more than doubled. Among them, 16 – 35 – year – old youth entrepreneurship among the best, reaching 11.8%.
Another data can also prove the courage of young entrepreneurs. Among the people applying for Shanghai SPC loans, the proportion of entrepreneurs with 30-39-year-olds is the highest, reaching 41%; 31% for those under 30 years old; and 70% for those under 40 years old. From the academic perspective, more than two-thirds of the entrepreneurs for the college education, which has a Bachelor degree or above, more than 30%, more master’s and PhD to participate in entrepreneurial activities.
“Ecosphere” escort
Young people have become the main force of entrepreneurship, and Shanghai is also for this group of “the most brave people” to create business “ecosystem”, the use of mechanisms to protect the system.
Venture early and ultimately, with the mentor comments, will take a lot less detours. At present, the Shanghai Venture “dream mentor” can be described as a lot, for example, entrepreneurship guidance of the city volunteer group already has the size of 600 people. With the popularity of mobile terminals, young entrepreneurs need more and more “quick” guidance, expert volunteer group selected a group of experts on the Internet a higher degree of activity, landing “Heiner hundred invasive” micro letter public ” Mentor “section, entrepreneurs can ask for advice anytime, anywhere.

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