INTRO 2016

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INTRO 2016

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INTRO as China’s first large outdoor electronic music festival, from 2009 to 2016, has been successfully held seven.
From INTRO 2009 debut, INTRO 2011 to the two million people Qi Wu, 2013 Shifang Shougang, to INTRO2015, 2016 the best in the world; seven years, the annual INTRO electronic music festival to overcome difficulties, adhere to pure With more than 200 artists and more than 50,000 visitors, it is the pioneer, most modern and most internationalized cultural landscape in the ancient capital of Beijing, and has become the most iconic outdoor electronic music event in China.

If Beijing is the center of China’s electronic music culture, Shanghai is China’s electronic music culture, a bright star.
Shanghai as an international metropolis, a variety of cultural exchanges and the collision has never stopped, swept the world of electronic music culture is also popular here. In recent years, major music festivals have moved to Shanghai, leading the country’s venues and the human environment is more electronic music festival that comes with the trend of property projects to lay a good foundation. In Beijing seven years of INTRO electronic music festival in Shanghai will be knocked out what kind of spark? The majority of electronic music lovers wait and see.
October 29, 2016, INTRO electronic music festival for the first time stationed in Shanghai!

INTRO Electronic Music Festival was born in Beijing old industrial park 751 D-Park, the industrial age of large industrial sites and electronic music, the perfect combination of the rhythm of the rhythm, giving INTRO a unique temperament. The INTRO for the first time came to Shanghai, the World Expo Park Expo stage (the original Baosteel stage) steel jungle to INTRO once again find the “home” feeling!
“BACK TO THE ORIGINAL” is the INTRO Shanghai theme, so as to remind ourselves, adhere to INTRO electronic music festival pure music essence, adhere to the music festival as the core of the production concept of music, sober to see the development of electronic music in China In the many difficulties, keep the heart.
Shanghai World Expo Park in the city center, the south bank of the Huangpu River, with the old city, the Bund and Lujiazui together to achieve the Shanghai city across the river, shaping the image of Shanghai during the development of the image of the various functions. In particular, after the Expo, the Expo more “cosmopolitan” This integration with many overseas artists INTRO electronic music festival coincides with a high degree of comfort with the site structure and ecological system, it is here to become a large number of large-scale music festival The venue of the outdoor music festival is one of the important conditions for the success of the music. In 2016, the INTRO Shanghai Electronic Music Festival will be a fusion of China and the world culture.

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