New economic management has been on the road

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New economic management has been on the road

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January to June this year, Shanghai FTA pilot new business 7268, of which 1330 foreign-invested enterprises, nearly half of the first half of Shanghai’s foreign-funded enterprises have settled down in the FTA, the new number of foreign-funded enterprises accounted for more than From 5% three years ago to nearly 20%.

From the careful pathfinder to enthusiastically join, three years, the Shanghai FTA pilot enterprises more and more attractive, the pilot area is also only one-fifth of Shanghai’s area, creating a quarter of Shanghai’s total production value.

The simple economic index is not enough to describe the real value of the reform of free trade. After the expansion of the Shanghai Free Trade Area, in a broader space, to seize the core functions of the government to change the content, and create a new situation in the reform.

Three “W” to change the functions of government

On August 11, the General Office of the Shanghai Municipal Government officially issued the General Plan for Further Deepening China’s (Shanghai) Free Trade Pilot Zone and Pudong New Area’s Post-event Supervision System Construction (hereinafter referred to as the “Program”). In this scheme, the deepening of the ex post regulatory system to promote the transformation of government functions, is included for the three “W”, that is what regulation (What), how to monitor (How) and who (Who).

Through the three “W” constraints and guidelines, in the Shanghai FTA, the government functions further from regulatory to service-oriented: regulatory enterprises, ask yourself what can be done for the enterprise, can help enterprises for the national economy What contribution.

The Third Plenary Session of the Eighth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China made it clear that correctly handling the relationship between the government and the market, and combining the “visible hand” of the government management with the “invisible hand” of the market mechanism is the core of the transformation of government functions, The key to deepening the economic system reform.

Over the past three years, the Shanghai FTA has implemented the requirements of the central government to deepen reform. It has explored the transformation of the relationship between the government and the market by using the attributes of the “experimental field” as the concept of “better living, better management and better service”. From the beginning of 2013, to 2015 to join the Jinqiao, Zhangjiang, Lujiazui, the Expo four new area, after the expansion of the free trade zone continue to explore, in a wider range with a higher level of testing for China’s economic restructuring road. Some shanghai escorts people ask, compared with other free trade area, Shanghai’s biggest feature is what? One of the answers is to explore free trade reform under the framework of a complete government. Shanghai is more qualified and more responsible for making a difference in the transformation of government functions.

Pudong, where the free trade zone is located, is duty-bound. April 28, 2015, Pudong New Area issued a “list of rights,” “List of Responsibilities” version 1.0, involving 6460 and 23,703 items related to reform. At present, two lists of 2.0 are also in intensive research and development.

“Subtraction of the power to do the addition to the responsibility”, free trade test for Shanghai and the country to create a culture of the first.

Reform of deep-water areas, must be a breakthrough

In January this year, Shanghai Pudong took the lead in carrying out the reform of the “License Separation” pilot program. At the same time, “Shanghai launched the” Separation of License “reform pilot program” proposed, in accordance with the requirements of easy operation and management, from the closely related business activities Administrative licensing matters, the choice of approval frequency is relatively high, the effect is obvious after the reform of 116 administrative licensing matters, the first to carry out reform experiments.

The introduction of the “separation of license” means that the administrative licensing, cancellation of the licensing issues are canceled, can not cancel the matter also increased transparency. April 1 this year, “license separation” the first day of the formal implementation of the reform, beauty shop owner Lao Li in the Pudong Civic Center on the spot to get a public health permit, rather than the previous need to wait two or three weeks time. Can be opened in advance of the Lao Li, and other business owners to find this, before the approval to inform the commitment to reform for enterprises to bring more convenience and business opportunities. At present, the Shanghai FTA pilot area of the “license separation” reform five ways, has been extended to the Pudong existing 441 items of administrative examination and approval.

From the regulatory government to service-oriented government change, three years, the Shanghai Free Trade Area a series of new economic management has been on the road.

August 25 this year, Shanghai Lujiazui Financial City Development Bureau officially put into operation, the Lujiazui Financial City Council was also listed on the same day set up, marking the Lujiazui Financial City’s first “industry governance + statutory bodies” governance structure on the stage of history. At the same time, a Bureau of Development to the world wide recruitment of Magi recruitment notice, so many people feel “eye drop eye.” Announcement, from the Deputy Secretary for Development to all kinds of key positions, all through the market recruitment.

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