Shanghai introduced an upgraded version of the talent mechanism

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Shanghai introduced an upgraded version of the talent mechanism

According to the voice of the economy, “the world finance and economics,” reported that Shanghai upgraded version of talent policy 30 released yesterday, in the talent pool, talent management, talent incentives, keeping up with market demand, the core is the shanghai escorts word “to the main decentralization for talent relaxation “.

Shanghai introduced an upgraded version of the talent mechanism

Prior to this, a Shanghai official survey: this year, Shanghai enterprises up to 16.7% of the recruitment needs, there is no time to be effectively met, the root cause is the emergence of “talent shortage.” Therefore, Shanghai’s talent policy, repeated upgrades, from last year’s 20 release, and now 30 release, but only after a year. Upgrade in the end what close to the demand for the highlights, we comb it:

Lowering the threshold for permanent residence permits for foreigners

“The introduction of the top talent shortage, the lack of real master of international standards and high-level innovation team,” the root cause of this problem is “a high threshold for foreigners permanent residence permit system.” Therefore, Shanghai in the talent gathering system to do the addition: the foreign high-level talent work team members into the direct application for permanent residence permit range; in the Shanghai FTA, Zhangjiang national innovation demonstration area work and meet certain conditions of foreign high-level talent , Recommended to apply for permanent residence in China; to allow the employment of world-renowned college graduates to Shanghai employment; further improve the “Shanghai Green Card”, which is overseas talent residence permit holders of the treatment of citizens; speed up the promotion of foreign expert card and Foreign employment certificate “two card one” pilot. Shanghai Human Resources and Social Security Bureau deputy director Mao Daili said:

Mao Dali: May 1, Shanghai will formally implement the two-card policy. To foreigners to Shanghai, to China to provide more convenience.

Comments on the title no longer look at foreign languages and computer skills

In addition, the talent management mechanism is not enough to live, will also affect the talent pool and the role of play. Shanghai talent policy 30, put forward a series of decentralization and relaxation of the policy. Which “no longer look at the titles of foreign language and computer skills,” the most attention. Ma Xingfa, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, said:

Ma Xingfa: After all the technology projects there is no title requirements, and some engaged in entrepreneurial talent, they may be strong in the business, but by the evaluation index constraints, the title is not very high, but they have the ability. We should let these people emerge, together to compete.

Improve the transfer of scientific and technological achievements into incentive mechanism

After the deduction of direct costs, 70% or more of the net income can be used to reward individuals and individuals for the transfer of scientific and technological achievements into universities and scientific research institutes. team. Shen Wei, deputy secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Education and Health Work Party Committee, said:

Shen Wei: 30 talents, for scientific research results of the right to receive, disposal, ownership, with a very clear definition, more conducive to the expansion of university autonomy. This is very important to stimulate the vitality of colleges and universities.

To the subject of decentralization for the talent release

Through an article to improve, upgrade again and again, the global innovation map, the Shanghai talent “magnetic field” effect will become increasingly clear. Shanghai Municipal Party Committee Organization Department Vice Minister Chen Hao said:

Chen Hao: through the implementation of 30, we hope that in Shanghai to form a talent gathering, the best of their situation, to add vitality to the talent, increase motivation for the construction of Shanghai Science and Technology Center to play a real talent protection role .

First-tier cities have a unique style to attract high-end talent

In fact, Shanghai’s practice is not isolated cases. Industrial upgrading, so that Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and other first-tier cities, more than ever before for talent. Because if you can not solve the problem of talent, industrial upgrading is the dream of flowers, water in the month. In order to attract high-end talent flow, the current first-tier cities of the unique style.

Beijing is planning a lot of talented escort shanghai people in fields such as science and technology, culture, health care and education, and there is an evaluation system. The future high-skilled talents will also be included in the introduction of talents. Shenzhen further relaxes the threshold for purely educated talents. The number of households without the upper limit of indicators, while the new social security channel; Guangzhou to meet the conditions of students studying abroad, to give 10 million home settlement fees, overseas high-end talent settled, research and entrepreneurship to facilitate and support.

Central broad Comments: decentralization to relax, for the talent increase power, add vitality.

Such as Shanghai, the tireless desire for talent, in the country has become a phenomenon. Shanghai talent policy 30, Zhejiang talent policy 25, Suzhou talent policy 40 … … from the original rely heavily on investment, and now more emphasis on attracting talent, the strategic choice of these cities, a clear description of China’s economic development and transformation of the track. In the era of innovation-driven, talent is the first resource. The introduction of a group of talent, and sometimes to revitalize a business, or even leveraging an industry. To attract, keep, use well, on a way – “to the main decentralization of employment, talent loosening.” Breaking the talent development system, the bottleneck mechanism in order to increase the momentum for the talent, Tim vitality, depicting the “million frost days competing free” vivid picture.



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