Shanghai nightlife latest landmark

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Shanghai nightlife latest landmark

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Le Royal Meridien Shanghai has announced the latest Shanghai’s nightlife landmarks – Shanghai officially opened it. The opening event has invited internationally renowned DJ – Javi Kolero went to the site, bringing unique features performances as the opening bars.


Shanghai Bar is located on the 64 floor, 65 layers and 66 layers, whose name and design aimed at guests presented the classic retro old Shanghai and the new Shanghai modern fashion. Shanghai and it consists of three parts, including the ability to hold private meetings events 64-day Shanghai Shanghai Club + Workshop, 65-storey classic old Shanghai-style bar and a modern 66-storey modern style nightclub. Shanghai bar inspired by Madame Hu this character, she and her family lived for years in Shanghai, their family life is the true mark of old and new Shanghai representative. In Shanghai it, you can not only look back, but also feel the rapid development of Shanghai Process and glory.

“We are very pleased to announce the latest Shanghai’s nightlife landmarks – Shanghai officially opened it.” Mr. Brand has over 17 years of international experience in hotel management, general manager of Le Royal Meridien Shanghai Zhanjie Ming said: “I believe it will become Shanghai nightlife Shanghai Landmarks hottest nightlife, provide guests stunning views of the concept of the best bars and Shanghai city skyline. located in Shanghai Le Royal Meridien Shanghai top two floors of it, it will become Shanghai landmark bar, from the local and in all directions to provide guests a unique nightlife experience. ”

“Our vision is to make it not only in Shanghai, guests experience the classic retro luxury atmosphere, but also to explore more modern contemporary elements.” Shanghai Le Royal Meridien Shanghai bar operations director Kang Lide said.



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