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Shanghai wants to be a “Global city”

“Global city” has become a new round of the overall planning of the new round of urban development in Shanghai clear vision. The new positioning, means that Shanghai will in future global competition further, “card”, and in leading the development of the region and serve the national strategy to play a greater role.
New global positioning
According to the “Shanghai overall urban planning 20152040 outline summary of the,” in 2020 to basically completed the ‘four centers’ based on to 2040 will become a comprehensive global shanghai escorts city construction of Shanghai, international economic, financial, trade and shipping, science and technology innovation center and international cultural metropolis. ”
What is a global city? Earlier studies of Shanghai economy learns chairman zhouzhenhua pointed out that under the interaction of economic globalization and informatization, between urban economic networks dominate the lifeblood of the global economy, the emerging space power beyond the range of state of the primary node cities is global city. Experts believe that the global city in terms of economic strength, resource gathering capabilities, global influence and other aspects have a prominent advantage.
According to the rankings by the globalization and World Cities Study Group and network authority, London and New York is at present recognized as a global city, Shanghai and Hong Kong, Singapore and other at the second echelon, from the “two” are still obvious gaps.
The Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration development planning “pointed out that Shanghai urban international competitiveness and internationalization degree enough, settled in Shanghai headquarters of the world’s top 500 enterprises only 10% of New York, the foreign population accounts for the proportion of the resident population of only 0.9%… Excessive concentration of public resources, excessive population to the center of the city agglomeration, has brought traffic congestion, environmental degradation, urban operating costs too high “big city disease” problem.
“Global city” is the development goal of Shanghai in 2040. Outline for deepening the global city connotation and function support, focusing on integration advantages and short board to enhance, strengthen the external influence and its attractive shape, from the three dimensions of urban competitiveness and sustainable development ability, the charm of the city, clear of Shanghai as a global city specific development goals.
In terms of competitiveness, focusing on the construction of a global influence of science and technology innovation center…… Make Shanghai become an important hub of global innovation networks and main technology of one of the originators of, and to scientific and technological innovation as the core driven by the city’s comprehensive innovation “; in terms of capacity for sustainable development, Shanghai’s goal including” first in China to achieve large urban energy consumption and carbon emission decrease “, built the first bus and the city”; in the charm of the city, Shanghai will continue to enhance the ownership of all citizens and domestic and foreign Shanghai people feeling, a sense of identity and happiness “” international cultural metropolis construction and international tourist cities “.
In addition, the outline also proposed some specific binding targets, including “and strive to 2020 resident population control at about 25 million people, and as 2040 the size of the resident population dynamic control target” “in accordance with the planning and construction of the total scale of negative growth ‘requirements, control the total amount of 3200 square kilometers”, and so on.
Leading and serving the new mission
In the process of moving to the global city, Shanghai will also lead the development of regional development, service national strategy to assume a more important mission. “The development plan of the Yangtze River Delta city group” the Yangtze River Delta to build a world-class city group “, and” accelerate the upgrading of Shanghai core competitiveness and comprehensive service function “and” play a leading role in Pudong New Area, promote the non core functions of ease, and promote the coordinated development of Suzhou, Wuxi, Nantong, Ningbo, Jiaxing, Zhoushan and other surrounding city, leading the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta city group, enhance the service ability of the Yangtze River economic belt and the “The Belt and Road” national strategy”.
Xiaolin, director of the development research center of the Shanghai municipal government said that the world in the next two or three decades must in a deep transformation and adjustment in, the world economic growth pattern, global industrial division pattern and global governance structure will face remodeling and the development of Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta need to jump out of the confinement of the administrative boundary, with open mind in greater space allocation and reorganization of resources.
According to the outline, Shanghai will further strengthen regional transportation corridor road construction and infrastructure planning, focus on improving the existing Huning, Hangzhou, Shanghai Lake etc. traffic corridor; strengthen the Shanghai port and Ningbo – Zhoushan port, Suzhou Port, Nantong port, Jiaxing Port s surrounding ports division coopertation; provision of construction services in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui provinces, Yangtze River Delta and Beijing Fuzhou, Beijing Guangzhou corridor of two channels of East China (Shanghai, Jiangsu, Lake railway). In terms of industrial structure, Shanghai will strengthen the focus of the Yangtze River Delta regional service functions, to promote the development of high-end business services to focus on the development of business district located in the Yangtze River Delta region node location.
“We want to consider in what position in the global division of labor, to consider the future which industries will be eliminated, which industries will rise, according to Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta around the resource endowments and industrial base, realize the industrial structure optimized.” Fosun Group CEO Liang Xinjun said.
Zhuang Shaoqin, director of Shanghai city planning and land resources administration said that no matter from the city’s own transformation and development trend or from the point of view of the needs of urban planning and construction of the central, Shanghai must than ever to pay more attention to the quality of the city, and the urban development in China make a greater contribution to.